HQL LED HIGHBAY - lamps for highbay applications

LED replacements for HQL or HQI lamps in highbay applications

The new HQL LED HIGHBAY models can replace traditional 250 W and 400 W HQL and HQI lamps. As true retrofits for conventional HQL lamps, they can be used in conventional control gears without rewiring. As replacements for HQI lamps, the LED models can be operated on line voltage.

HQL LED HIGHBAY are ideal for use in large, high spaces such as production halls or high bay warehouses. With 13,000 lm and 20,000 lm they are an attractive LED alternative for applications with high lumen package demand.


Product features

  • Very high efficiency of up to 143 lm/W
  • Luminous flux of 13,000 lm and 20,000 lm
  • Operation on CCG or AC mains
  • E40 base
  • Long lifespan of 50,000 hours (L70/B50)
  • Protection class IP 40
  • Energy cost savings of up to 65 percent compared to conventional HQL or HQI lamps

HQL LED HIGHBAY - replacement for HQL and HQI lamps

13,000 lm 95W E40
20,000 lm 140W E40
HQL 250W 13,000 lm
HQL 400W 22,000 lm
HQI 250W 17,000 lm*
HQI 400W 32,000 lm*
x = 1:1 original luminous flux
o = Similar luminous flux
*Rewiring needed (ignitor has to be removed)